Top 10 in Tech News – September 2021

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Emir LiseContent Editor

February 9, 2021
4min read

1. T-Mobile says at least 47M current and former customers affected by hack

Take: German telecommunications company T-Mobile was recently attacked by ransomware, which led to leak of 47M current and previous users data. While the company clarified that only the active 850,000 T-Mobile customers’ personal data was compromised, the past records were also breached. The hack was realized after 100 million records of T-Mobile customers were in sale at a criminal platform.

2. Bird’s SPAC filing shows scooter-nomics just don’t fly

Take: Micro-mobility unicorn Bird is going public through a SPAC. While the company failed to create an earning business model and reported loss for 2019 and 2020, its latest investor pitch showed more promise in Bird’s future as the business and number of users grow. The company is said to be valued at $2.3 billion.

3. China Passes One of the World’s Strictest Data-Privacy Laws

Take: The Beijing government has recently passed what could be the world’s strictest data privacy law, Personal Information Protection Law. The legislation intends to address the growing frustration of Chinese citizens about online fraud and data theft. While the legislation was detailed in how corporations and agencies should use data, it had no explanation on how the central government uses and complies with the law, a fellow at Yale Law School stated.

4. Musk: The Tesla Bot is coming

Take: Tesla is joining Honda, Toyota and GM in the robotics race. During Tesla’s AI Day, Elon Musk revealed the recent project, a humanoid Tesla Bot, which is “intended to be friendly and navigate through a world built for humans.” The timing of the debut was conceived as suspicious by many analysts as Tesla cars Autopilot is under investigation by the feds.

5. Unity to acquire Parsec in its biggest acquisition to date

Take: Unity, famously known for its 3D engine for games, has today announced plans to acquire Parsec, a remote desktop tool for developers and creatives for $320 million in cash. Parsec’s value proposition was remote desktop access without compromise, streaming your work without screwing up the details. As remote collaboration spiked with the pandemic, Parsec became essential to many creative workers.

6. Airbnb to provide free temporary housing for 20,000 Afghan refugees

Take: Airbnb allowed and invited house owners who would like to provide temporary housing to approximately 20.000 Afghan refugees. And this is not the first time the company leveraged its network to do goodwill. Airbnb also previously provided accommodation to students and green card holders who were affected by the policy changes during the Trump administration. As a result of the initiative, the stock price of Airbnb has increased %11 over the past 5 days.

7. A CGI replica of Nvidia’s CEO delivered his keynote and no one knew

Take: In his last address that lasted for 2 hours, Jensen Huang, was replaced with his animation for 14 seconds, and the visual was extremely real. Using DSLR cameras and advanced AI models, Nvidia created a 3D model of its CEO and trained it to mimic his gestures. With this show, Nvidia proved the importance of powerful graphic processors to create new realities.

8. Amazon backs Indian wealth management service Smallcase in $40 million funding

Take: Amazon is trying to become the platform for all the financial services in India. Last April, Amazon created a $250 million tech fund for Indian start-ups and in previous years it has already invested in some insur-tech and neo-banks companies. Now using the fund, the company invested in a wealth management start-up Smallcase to completely capture the FSI market in India.

9. TikTok expands Shopify partnership, pilots TikTok Shopping in US, UK and Canada

Take: In the following days of triumphing Facebook to become the most downloaded mobile app on App Store, TikTok announced that they are expanding their partnership with Shopify to create TikTok Shopping. Soon, selected merchants will be able to add a new “Shopping” tab to their TikTok profiles and sync their product catalogs to create mini-storefronts on their profile. And big brands are already in. The Kylie Cosmetics brand will be available to shop directly on TikTok.

10. Biden to Hold Cybersecurity Summit With Tech Giants, Top Banks, Energy Firms

Take: President Joe Biden will host the leaders of tech giants in White House to talk about cybersecurity, which became one of the national agenda after the rising number of hacked U.S. companies. Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Andy Jassy, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai and many more from financial institutions will convene to guide a possible mandate on cybersecurity.