Top 10 in Tech – October 2022

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Batuhan Tamer UsluContent Editor

October 10, 2022
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Optus: How a massive data breach has exposed Australia

Approximately 10 million consumers, about 40% of the population- had their personal information taken in what Optus, an Australian telecommunications company, alleges a cyber-attack.

It might be the worst data breach in Australia’s history, according to some experts. However, this week has seen more upsetting and dramatic events, such as ransom demands, angry public debates, and questions about whether this was really a “hack.” Critical doubts concerning Australia’s data and privacy practices have also been raised.


An asthma app seeks to reduce attacks in youngsters.

Two hospitals in Norfolk have partnered with a software firm to test a phone app that promises to lessen asthma episodes in kids and teenagers.

Patients are given inhaler trackers by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and the James Paget University Hospital, which connect to an app that then monitors their lungs.

Patients are then informed by the app when they must take action to halt an attack. The trial, according to Dr. Bikalpa Neupane, “has great potential” to stop admissions.


Drones are replacing people in sewer surveys

Drones are going underground to survey the sewers in Scotland. The technology is being used to increase access and to avoid hazards to workers when surveying pipelines.

Scottish Water hopes that developments in scanning can also help assess longer-term structural issues. The company said more accurate inspections would cut the cost of repairs and maintenance and reduce the risk of flooding and pollution.


Paris-based Techstars introduces an acceleration program with an emphasis on sustainability

Techstars Sustainability Paris is a new startup accelerator being introduced by Techstars, a network of startup accelerators and an investment firm.

Techstars is starting over with its accelerator that focuses on sustainability. The Paris team will only concentrate on impact startups going forward, and Raphaele Leyendecker will serve as managing director. The Rounds raises $38M Series A for its sustainable ‘household restocking’ service

This Prime substitute has no yearly charge, produces no waste or packaging, and does not tip. The Rounds was introduced in Philadelphia in 2019 and is now operating somewhat under the radar. It works by enabling customers to browse roughly 150 distinct items (SKUs) across categories.


Uber’s former security chief found guilty of covering up 2016 data breach

In an effort to hide a data breach that resulted in the theft of tens of millions of customer and driver records, Uber’s former head of security was found guilty of criminal obstruction.

The case relates to a hack of Uber’s networks in 2016 that resulted in the exposure of information on 50 million users and 7 million drivers, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as around 600,000 U.S. driver license numbers.


TikTok breaks records as top grossing app in Q3, as overall app store revenue declines

The third quarter of 2022 saw a roughly 5% decline in consumer expenditure on mobile apps, but TikTok just had another record-breaking quarter in this area. TikTok kept up its tradition of being the app with the highest quarterly revenue for the fourth consecutive quarter.


Meta’s Make-A-Video AI achieves a new state of the art

Meta’s researchers have made a significant leap in the AI art-generation field with Make-A-Video, the creatively named new technique for making a video out of nothing but a text prompt. The outcomes are astounding and diverse, however, they are all just a little bit unsettling.

The AI creates visuals using the well-established and efficient diffusion technique, which essentially moves from “denoising,” or pure visual stasis, toward the intended prompt. The model was also given unsupervised training on a large collection of unlabeled video content, which adds another layer of complexity to the analysis.


Amazon Wants to Coddle You With “Ambient Intelligence”

The new smart device from the business tracks your breathing while you sleep using radar. The goal of Amazon is to seamlessly integrate its items into your life.

“Our strategy differs from that of the others,” says Limp, slyly referring to Amazon’s big tech competitors. “Our view isn’t that you start with the phone and emanate outwards. Instead, you start with intelligent devices that are placed throughout the house or the car, that when they interact together, they act better. They’re always there.”