Why Is Digital Maturity So Important?
Why Is Digital Maturity So Important?
Kali June Faulwetter
Halil AksuCEO
Digital Maturity, Banking

Why Is Digital Maturity So Important?

Why Is Digital Maturity So Important?
Kali June Faulwetter
Halil AksuCEO
August 20, 2021 - 3 min

Every organisation is on some sort of digital journey. Whether they are weak, strong, or somewhere in between, every organisation has some digital maturity, investment, or system. Organisations are living things. They change and adapt every day, fluctuating like everything else in the universe. 

Digital trends affect every company in every industry. Manufacturing processes, operations, supply chains, forms of distribution and their channels, engineering, design, customer service, management, recruitment, and education; everything is continuously changing. Some changes are made consciously, some are imposed on you, some are required by customers or policymakers. Nonetheless, change happens every day. 

Let's call this change and adoption process your digital transformation journey. Aren't you curious about where you are on this journey? Don't you wonder how you compare to your peers? Are you sure about your pace of change? Do you think you're heading in the right direction? 

Digital maturity is the answer to your most important questions.  

Parents continuously track vital signs as their child grows up. Length, weight, and other health measures; the rate of growth and maturity is observed and regularly tracked. Why? You want to be sure they are healthy and on the right track in their life. You want them to grow into the best version of themselves. Our children get progress reports in school. Why? So that we understand that they are learning, progressing, improving, and getting ready for life. 

A company has many important KPIs. Why? You want to be sure you're accelerating in the right direction. You monitor cash flow, stock cycle time, profitability, growth, market share, and other important figures daily, online, and in real-time. Why? So that you understand and ensure you stay on track, on budget, fulfill your targets, and reach your vision.

But you don't have a score for your digital transformation journey. Why not? This is not acceptable, and you should not ignore it. Imagine a company not keeping track of its financials. Bankruptcy would be unavoidable. Who would want that? Not keeping track of digital transformation embodies your digital destiny; which is a certain failure if you don't know your score. Nobody wants that.

A Digital maturity score shows your overall digital state in just one KPI.

Just as a school scorecard shows all subjects on one sheet of paper, and just as a company scorecard shows the most important KPIs on a single screen, so digital maturity encompasses all relevant dimensions of your organisation. Digital is not just about technology. Digital is also not just about marketing and eCommerce. Digital is also not just about the factory and supply chains. 

It's the whole that matters. It's the seamless integration of all processes. It's the real-time monitoring of all workflows. It's the mindset shift in your people. It's the alignment of your leadership around a shared vision. It's the best possible value proposition to all your stakeholders. So, it's quite something. 

It's exactly because of this importance and wholeness that you can't just let it happen. You must monitor it very closely, very carefully, and very regularly. We offer a very comprehensive methodology to measure, baseline, and benchmark your current digital maturity. You will be able to define your targets, monitor, and assure your progress. We will help you determine your priorities, specify your portfolio of initiatives, and make sure they contribute to your digital success. 

It's better to make informed decisions.  

Many leaders suffer to make the right decisions. If you're running low on stock, you order more inventory. If you're running low on financials, you either save costs, get a loan, or collect outstanding payments. 

If you shed light on your digital maturity, which tells you where you are on your digital transformation, then you can make much better decisions. You can decide consciously about your capacity, your investments, and your pace of change. This is exactly what they call "digital governance."

Good luck with your undertakings. May the digital forces be with you.

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