Assan Aluminium, one of the world’s leading manufacturer in the flat-rolled aluminium (FRP) industry, has been producing coil & sheet, foil and pre-painted aluminium products since its establishment in 1988, offering its products to a variety of sectors such as packaging, distribution, construction, consumer durables, automotive and HVAC.

The Need?

Assan Aluminium is one of the biggest aluminium manufacturers in Europe. They are continuously growing. Sustainability is a top priority. Environment, health, and safety is similarly important. They are running multiple projects at the same time, from lean processes to agile culture, and system upgrades. But they did not have a precise measurement to determine where they were on their digital journey.

The Solution

Digitopia offered their Digital Maturity Index solution to Assan Aluminium. Management recognised the value of assessing and benchmarking their digital maturity. Moreover, they also realised that they would set the baseline for further assessments. After all, the most important benchmark is the one against your own past performance, showing your progress.

The Benefits

The sessions with Digitopia were attended by the whole executive leadership team. This enabled visibility and emphasis on the highest level. Assan Aluminium team established a mutual understanding of digital transformation, their vision, and established shared goals.

The results were highly appreciated. Now, the executive leadership team knows exactly where they are, where they need to go, and what they must do about it. This is exactly the essence of the digital maturity assessment, and this is exactly what Digitopia is passionate about.

The Next Steps

Now, it’s all about execution and assuring everything is on track. The management team runs a holistic improvement program, covering many digital initiatives, and they are keen to re-assessing their digital maturity again and again. This will show them their progress, their velocity, and their endurance. Since digital transformation is rather a longer journey.