About Netafim

We’re farmers first and innovators second. We started in 1965, in the Negev desert in Israel, trying to grow crops in desert soil. So we know what it’s like to farm in extreme conditions. That struggle taught us how to combine precision irrigation, agronomic expertise and relentless innovation to help farmers grow more of any crop, in any climate, with less.

The Need?

Netafim is the global leader in irrigation technologies. By optimizing the way water is used, they not just improve the yield but also save the planet. They are relentlessly perfecting their products and solutions, to serve their customers even better and fulfill their vision. To be able to do so, operational excellence has become an integer part of their culture. They also strongly believe that digital transformation is an important component and enabler of operational excellence. So, why not combine the “best of both worlds”?

The Solution

Together with our partner Programa Consulting we delivered an “Operations Digital Maturity Index” service. Looking at Netafim’s supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, procurement, and related processes from an operational excellence and digital maturity perspective, gave a great insight where they are and how they compare against peers.

The amazing Programa Consulting team conducted one-on-one interviews, hosted workshops, moderated lively discussions, analyzed all collected data, and compiled a very powerful report. Now Netafim’s top management knows where they are and what they must focus on.

The Benefits

Netafim is a very advanced organization with a very high degree of professionalism and management capabilities. Now they know their digital maturity scores, which they did not knew before. Based on this insight and in-depth analysis, they can take more precise decisions, prioritize their investments, harmonize their operations in various countries, and govern the digital transformation much better. In this sense, digital will empower and streamline their operational excellence endeavour.

The Next Steps

Netafim will continue to work on their operational excellence roadmap. Now they added substantial investments in terms of digital transformation to the portfolio. They will continue to monitor the progress and leverage everything at their hands to make the transformation successful. In Netafim’s case this is not just a business objective, but a mission to “grow more with less” to save the planet.

About Programa

Programa is an international management consultancy and engineering company specializing in supply chain management, logistics, materials handling, modeling & analytics. As partners we are adding value to our customers business by developing and implementing significant cost effective tangible improvements thus achieving a competitive advantage in their market place.

Programa utilizing Digitopia technology conducted an OMI analysis for Netafim operations. OMI supported us to align our current and future digital initiatives to our current needs and operation strategy. OMI provides us with a management tool to priorities our investments in digital transformation and monitor them.

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Operations