Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Digital is everywhere. Do you know how digitally mature your organisation is? What’s measured gets done. In 3 minutes you will know your score. Give it a try.

Please select your company’s current maturity level across the below questions:

The self-assessment survey includes a limited scope of the Digital Maturity Index within six questions.

1. What is the status of your organisation's customer experience?

2. What is the status of digital awareness at your organisation?

03. How does your organisation manage innovation and new ideas?

04. What is the working environment and culture at your organisation?

05. How customer centric is your organisation's management and planning?

06. How mature is your organisation in adoption of cloud and digital technologies?

Your score:

Your digital maturity is , but there is still room for improvement.

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Thank you for taking our Digital Maturity Index Self-Assessment.

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What's measured gets done.

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