Digitopia Impact Roadshow

Digitopia Impact Roadshow

27-28-29 September 2022


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Digitopia is determined to accelerate your enterprise transformation and maximise your business impact. We love to share our experiences, findings, and recommendations with our constituents and invite you to join this first-ever virtual Impact Roadshow.

Over the years we gained many customers and partners all over the globe and now it's time to give back. During the 27th, 28th, and 29th of September we will run five webinars demonstrating the power of collaboration. Together with our partners, we delivered great value to our customers. We are determined to continue and further expand our business impact.

Please join us in Colombia, Hungary, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Looking forward to the mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and celebration of #businessimpact.


Digitopia Impact Roadshow | Hungary

Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption

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Digitopia Impact Roadshow | Colombia

Digital Transformation Roadmap

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Digitopia Impact Roadshow | Serbia

Milos Stankovic - CEO & Co-Founder, Pyron Technology

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Digitopia Impact Roadshow | United Arab Emirates

Digital Champions Share Their Success Secrets

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Digitopia Impact Roadshow | United Kingdom

Create business impact in a crisis through workforce solutions

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Why should you attend?

To see why companies measure their digital maturity level

To discover the benefits of the digital maturity measurement

To refresh best practices for digital transformation

To get eligible special conditions for DMI service

Who should attend?

Digital Transformation Professionals

Digital Transformation Executives

Digital Transformation Consultants

Digital Transformation Solution Providers

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