“I was there!” you will say in a few years.

After three years of research and preparations, and two years of 100+ assessments in 15 countries and 10 industries, the time is right to run our first ever “Digitopia Maturity Summit.”

Digital transformation is the most important strategic imperative for all enterprises. Billions of pounds are invested in various projects. But do they deliver what you expect? Are you on track? How do you compare against the competition?

We will answer many of your crucial questions? Experts and executives will share their experiences how digital maturity measurement helped them to succeed, as individuals and enterprises.

Join us and be among the first to attend this life-changing event. You will be amazed.


Halil Aksu

CEO @Digitopia

Sammi Marwan

Partner @Digitopia

Axel Bindel

Executive Director @HSSMI

Mark Walker-Smith

Head @EMEA, Digitopia

Ken Douglas

Ex-CIO Global Projects @BP

Eray Karaduman


Bradley Yorke-Biggs

CEO @Institute of Digital Engineering UK

Nick Forde

Partner @Digitopia