Here is something special in the air. It’s all about people, isn’t it?

Chesamel and Digitopia are partnering to support great customers to become even greater. Transformations very often fail due to various reasons. Digitopia is here to accelerate your journey and maximise your #businessimpact. Chesamel is here to support you in the execution.

About Chesamel
“Chesamel helps businesses grow by delivering workforce solutions to enable business transformation.
Our team brings a unique mix of skills and experience to the table that helps businesses thrive.
Over the past 15 years, Chesamel has partnered with businesses to solve their challenge by combining people, technology, marketing and bold ideas.”

Join us in this webinar co-hosted by Chesamel and Digitopia, listen to great experts and benefit from their experiences. We count on you.


Halil Aksu

CEO @Digitopia

John Cofie

CEO @Chesamel

Suzanne Scruton

Managing Director, Workforce Solutions @Chesamel