Digital Future Scenarios Report - Colours of Mobility in 2032

The global industry as a whole is being digitally revolutionized, and the automotive sector is no exception. The battle between conglomerates and startups to take the consumer attention, the dichotomy between fresher business models with cleaner vehicles and traditional conventions which inevitably cause a high amount of pollution, changing consumer behaviour and the increased necessity of a better waste and pollution management… It is no longer a question of whether the automotive industry will change in the future, or not. Therefore, 2032 must be vastly different from 2022.
Digital Future Scenarios Report - Colours of Mobility in 2032

Oğuzhan Altuğ

Content Editor


Digital Future Scenarios Report – Colours of Mobility in 2032


In this report, we have three scenarios projecting how the next 10 years could play out. Discover the first of Digitopia’s Digital Future Scenarios: Colours of Mobility in 2032.

What is in it for you?

Based on the assumptions, the trends, and the three major forces, we have created three future scenarios for the mobility industry. These scenarios are slightly exaggerated and representative of extremes.

Digital Future Scenarios for the Mobility Industry

  • Harbour Scenario
    • How customer demands and preferences drive the industry
    • The pandemic had changed the whole paradigm of mobility
    • There will be a rise in connected cars
  • Village Scenario
    • From “green awakening” to “green enlightenment” in 2032
    • People may prefer more sustainable services and experiences
    • Customers will have low purchasing habits to decrease their own carbon footprint
  • Metropolis Scenario
    • Customers are fed what the oligopoly decides to serve
    • Governments began forcing the data out of the industry parts
    • Car sharing and micro-mobility services will be less popular
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