Future of Retail - Digital Scenarios 2032

Retail is a very broad industry. From groceries to home supplies, from electronics to fashion boutiques, our streets are full of colourful shops. Since Amazon and eBay and later with the introduction of smartphones, now the shop is just in our palms. The next ten years will be crucial for retailers. Combined with external factors such as climate change, economic crisis, and much more, the consumer's expectations will steadily grow and pressure anybody trying to get their attention and even get some of their spending.
Future of Retail - Digital Scenarios 2032

Oğuzhan Altuğ

Content Editor


Future of Retail – Digital Scenarios 2032


This report has three scenarios projecting how the next 10 years could play out. Discover Digitopia’s Digital Future Scenarios for Retail in 2032.

What is in it for you?

We compiled three core recommendations from the whole report, suitable for any retail category, offline or online. These may vary depending on your maturity, geography, and constituency and on which scenario may evolve.

Digital Future Scenarios for the Retail Industry

  • The Butterfly Scenario
    • What if everything is conducted online?
    • How will the society and the industry be affected by this?
  • The Lion Scenario
    • Imagine physical experiences are valued over digital ones!
    • Does being offline offer better experiences
    • Localisation is in, Globalisation is out
  • The Elephant Scenario
    • Algorithm knows us better than anyone
    • Superpower of Click-n-Brick combination


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