Our Culture

Our Culture

We are the good guys.

Consulting is our DNA.

Consulting is one of the oldest professions in history. For centuries, Kings have asked their wise advisors if, when, and how they should fight a war. Leaders need trusted people to rely on, who will always tell them the brutal truth, even if it would cost their lives. Nowadays all kinds of important people have advisors, managers, and consultants, who ask critical questions, and discuss their decisions toward a broader view to form an independent opinion. Data and experience factor into any situation. We are your companion.

It's about trust.

Giving advice, first and foremost, requires integrity. This is not a onetime exercise. This is a lifetime commitment. Trust builds up over time and can be lost within the blink of an eye. As a consultant you are confronted with very critical situations – all the time. If you don't stand right, you will be off-balance.

It's about vision

It is expected that a consultant understands, analyses, synthesizes, and tells a story in the most comprehensive way possible. When we first meet then, our clients are typically drowning in a lot of details; it is difficult for them to see the bigger picture and they are not able to get to dry land alone. Here, we add the most value.

It's about passion

What differentiates us most is our passion and urge to execute. We don't just deliver outstanding concepts and extraordinary presentations. We incite our clients to move ahead, to execute, and to gain the benefits they deserve. This is when the magic happens.

Digital is our focus.

The introduction of the first computers in the early 20th century has changed everything. With the invention of the semiconductor and Moore's Law, the information age was built within a few decades. Now, we're moving into the next level of automation, technologically centric business models, and an upgraded civilization. We believe in "digital for a better world".

Technology is the foundation.

Everything will be connected to the internet, eventually. All aspects of life, work, and play will become connected, enabling new possibilities, making our lives easier, contributing benefits to people, business, and the planet.

Everything will become smart.. Look at all the inefficiencies of today; all that waste, loss of time, energy, and natural resources. The complexity of our smart future is far beyond human comprehension. Only machines will be able to help us to manage the big picture.

Design is the differentiator.

Anyone can build a new product or come up with a new business idea, but only very few become icons. Why? Effective design is not just the form and it's not just the function. It is the whole, from package to web site, logo to process, from fonts to shops. It's the total experience.

No mistakes allowed, no flaws accepted, no shortcomings forgiven.

Culture is the essence.

People behave in certain ways, at home, on the street, at work, to their family members. Rules, laws, habits, experiences, learnings, and many other factors define our behaviour. The true essence of any civilization is culture. The ultimate components of culture are people and their behaviour. This is true for nations, this is true for cities, this is true for families, and this is also true for organizations. Interestingly, culture takes shape over very long periods and change only very little.

Strategy is about winning

It is one of the most abused business terms. Although it still remains the most important one. If you get it right, usually you don't advertise it, everybody naturally grasps it, most importantly you successfully execute it. If so, usually you achieved your goals and outperformed everything and everybody around you.

Success is the result.

We are not here to deliver shelf-ware. We are no documentation junkies. We are pragmatic doers, only motivated by tangible impact, which equals your success. So please, contact us, if you are brave enough to execute the work we generate together. Change is upon all of us. Not you, not us, but the combination of our joined genius will make us succeed. It will be the most adaptive of species which will survive and thrive.

We breathe, we grow, we thrive.


Digital for a better World.

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