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At Digitopia we have worked with hundreds of companies and talked with thousands of executives for over two decades. Change and transformation is always the heart of our conversations, we believe it’s business evolution.

We see clear differences between champions and laggards, and the gap is widening. As measured on our Digital Maturity Index, digital maturity has improved from 2.7 to 2.8 across all industries and geographies.

Focus on the right opportunities that digital provides and
be among the winners.

Digital maturity is slightly improved compared to last year. However, there is still a long road ahead of us.

The majority of companies are still on Level 2. The companies already on Level 3 definitely have a significant advantage compared the less mature companies. The gap is widening.

Here are the digital maturity scores in each dimension, compared against last year’s scores.

As organisations continue to build their technological capabilities, leadership should be conscious of the principle that Digital Transformation is equal to Business Evolution. To evolve with future readiness, a business must be customer-centric to cater to unfolding customer demands and deliver advanced customer experience.

Technology stands ahead of other aspects of digital maturity, but could come at a cost to organisations?

Digital transformation is equal to business evolution, but technology transformation alone is NOT digital transformation.

Digital transformation is equal to business evolution, but technology transformation alone is NOT digital transformation.

Perfectly Balanced and Unique
The Digital Snowflake

Digitopia’s digital maturity data tells another interesting story. Every snowflake is unique, so is every organisation. Consider your organisation: Are your digital investments balanced? What does your snowflake look like?

Survival is key, but looking to the future will define the most successful businesses of the next 10 years.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how we work together – is your organisation ready to embrace these changes for the long-term?

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