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Welcome to our Impact Platform 101 series of webinars, where we present our transformation management software – one platform to measure, transform and impact. In our first introductory session, you will have a chance to learn about Digitopia’s Impact Platform and see this revolutionary solution in action. Discuss how this will suit your challenges and engage in an interactive Q&A session featuring experienced professionals.

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Halil Aksu

Co-CEO, Digitopia

Emir Sarıcalı

Head of Product, Digitopia

Gökhan Özyiğitoğlu

Head of Customer & Partner Success, Digitopia

  • Digital Leaders
  • Executives
  • Finance Leaders
  • Operations Leaders
  • IT Leaders
  • People Leaders

To explore:

  • Digital maturity scale for companies
  • Benefits of measuring digital maturity
  • Best practices of digital transformation
  • Exclusive DMI service conditions

Upcoming Impact Platform 101 Webinar Series


5:00pm UK

Introduction to Digitopia’s Impact Platform


5:00pm UK

Unveiling the Impact Platform: Why Organizations Need it?


5:00pm UK



5:00pm UK