Digitopia appoints Peter Sondergaard as Chairman of the Board

Digitopia’s expansion continues on all fronts. New customers, new offerings, new partners, new investors, and now, a brand-new board of directors. Peter Sondergaard, one of the most influential executives in the tech world, joins Digitopia as the Chairman of the Board. Peter will bring his vision, international network, and executive experience to steer Digitopia to conquer many new markets, not to mention his legendary keynotes.

Digitopia established a board of directors to support its international growth led by Peter Sondergaard to define the strategy and oversee the execution. His experience working with the world’s leading organizations will put Digitopia in the spotlight. Measuring and benchmarking the maturity of organizations is mission-critical to navigate these highly uncertain and complex times. Digitopia brings light to darkness and simplifies the complexity.

Peter Sondergaard spoke about his vision and the reason why he joined Digitopia: “Digitalization remains a key priority for all business leaders the next many years. The ability to continuously benchmark and assess your digital maturity is critical for the organization. Digitopia has a proven, detailed, and unique approach relevant for all businesses, public institutions, and non-profits.”

Digitopia’s co-founder and Managing Partner Kagan Sahin is very delighted about Peter’s arrival: “Our purpose is to democratize consulting and make it reachable to any size of the company with our vast amount of benchmark data. And having a great leader such as Peter believing in this purpose and accepting to steer the wheel is our most significant step to making our purpose worldwide relevant.”

Halil Aksu, Digitopia’s CEO expressed his thoughts: “It’s amazing to work with Peter again. We are disrupting the classical consulting business model. Peter will help us to tell this story to the whole world. I’m very confident that we will surpass our targets and maximize our impact. With Peter, we are entering a new era.”

Along with Peter’s joining, Digitopia’s leadership team is working on closing yet another funding round, advancing the product roadmap, growing the team, building a partner ecosystem, and delighting many more customers in selected parts of the world. Digitopia’s journey becomes more exciting day by day. Follow on!

About Peter Sondergaard:

Peter Sondergaard is a seasoned technology executive with almost 30 years of experience at Gartner, heading the research organization for many years and being part of the executive leadership team, he was and still is right in the epicentre of technology and digital transformation. Now he is an investor and board member/chairman of many outstanding software and service organizations.

About Digitopia:
The future is a digital utopia, and that’s what we call Digitopia. As the leading transformation management software provider, we help our customers transform faster and more cost-effectively. Our cloud-based, AI-powered solutions cover digital transformation, sustainability, innovation, AI, and more. With customers, partners, and practitioners on six continents in 30+ countries, our global reach is unparalleled.

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