Ensuring digital maturity in the boardroom

Halil Aksu, co-founder and CEO of Digitopia, discusses how boardrooms can better understand and ensure digital maturity going forward.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the level of uncertainty surrounding it, the world is changing – and technology is playing an important role. Is the digital revolution a blessing or a curse? Many boardrooms have been left confused. Suddenly, decades of hard work has been rendered obsolete. Wealth is changing hands without warning and tangible assets are being replaced with intangible benefits. Much of this can be explained with digital transformation.

Fuelled by data, driven by computing power and directed by consumer behaviour – the digital world is creating value from intangible assets as we have never seen before. The most valuable organisations on the planet are those with the most data, computing power, and users. There is no way to compete with them. The only way to keep up for legacy businesses is by partnering with those at the forefront of digital progression, so long as these innovative companies see any value in what laggard organisations are doing.

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