Lessons Learned from Digitopia Maturity Summit

Leading digital maturity consultancy, Digitopia, led its first Digitopia Maturity Summit on 23rd September, hosted in London and broadcast virtually to audiences across the globe. The single day event guided attendees through the importance of digital transformation, exploring how businesses can maximise their return on investment by accurately measuring their digital journey.

Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzz word to many across business in recent years, but the past 18 months have proven its necessity. From working from home to innovating supply chain processes for streamlined production, digital transformation is everywhere and it is having a significant impact on many organisations.

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Digitopia Maturity Summit hosted an exclusive panel of experts, who offered their unique perspective on digital transformation, leaning on their experience to provide advice for those who have embarked on a digital journey.

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