The End of Automotive: Accelerating digital transformation within mobility

There’s no doubt that digital is disrupting every industry. Yet, is it no longer dominated by the media or commerce sectors, as now it’s all about automotive. A century-old industry is shaken to its fundamentals. One single company is almost as valuable as the rest of the industry. Not because it produces more than all the others, rather the contrary: it’s located in the right place, works with the right people, and provides the best possible experience. For example, Tesla rocks the future of automotive. It’s not part of the steel industry, but a fashion product. It’s a high-tech company and an exponential scale up. Arguably, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become the most prominent auto show in the world as the industry shifts from perceiving cars as simply a steel product and instead focuses on a service, and provides an experience, fueled with big data, AI, and other high tech.

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