The Future of Work: Redesigned by Putting People First

Triggered by COVID-19, many enterprises have accelerated their adoption of digital technologies.

Customer interactions, supply chain integration and day-to-day operations have all been significantly impacted. Perhaps one of the most substantial impacts has been observed on ways of working. Not only the workplaces, but also the mindset, the skillset and the tools required are being transformed. Whether or not the changes in this domain will stick and how they will evolve in the longer run are hot topics for discussion.

When it comes to workplaces, one size certainly does not fit all. Where remote working has been welcomed by a wide range of companies, certain others regard it as a temporary “glitch” that will be corrected after the pandemic. The former group is likely to continue flexible working schemes, either hybrid or totally remote, and the latter will be “back to the office” as soon as they can. Certainly, there are pros and cons associated with both approaches and different views on each.

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