Life in 2032: Mobility In The Harbor Scenario

For the mobility industry, we have three scenarios projecting how the next 10 years could play out. Discover the first scenario of Digitopia's Digital Future Scenarios: Colours of Mobility in 2032: The Harbor Scenario.

Kardelen ÇelikContent Editor

June 15, 2022
1min read

Customer expectations are higher than ever before, given that everything the customer needs or demands are met; regardless of such unprecedented circumstances like a pandemic. It proved to the industry that innovation requires both resilience and competition in the marketplace. In this climate, customers will choose the best experience possible, even if that means changing their regular service provider.

The Harbor Scenario

*With the increased need for digitization and technology due to the pandemic, humans conducted their social life almost entirely online. Digital integration in the mobility sector had flourished due to customer demand and societal need for a clean, safe, and connected form of mobility.

* As a fitness coach, Linda loved to inspire people to be the healthiest they could be, all from the comfort of their home; online.

* She began to work with the mobility companies to create and innovate prosthetics for her clients. There was now a market for digitised, connected prosthetics that could work with mobility pods to aid amputees.

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