A New Approach To Sustainability

A New Approach To Sustainability

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Transformation is business evolution.

We all know and accept that tomorrow will be more digital than yesterday and should be greener than Today.  We see digital and sustainability transformation as Twin Powers of this decade. Digital transformation requires rethinking the organisation's value proposition and moving towards it with a holistic view and attention to all relevant dimensions. 

We believe we need to approach the sustainability transformation in a similar manner. As it is also more than just complying, reporting and corporate social responsibility actions.

It demands the same holistic approach even a new perspective we call ‘'Systems Thinking''. Digitopia's sustainability maturity index tries to deliver a solution for building resilient systems through 6 dimensions – strategic pillars on organisational levels. 

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Founder & CEO at Digitopia
Pernille Kræmmergaard
Pernille Kræmmergaard
Founder & CEO at DI2X
Nilufer Aktas
Nilufer Aktas
Sustainability Leader at Digitopia



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