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In a rapidly evolving world, staying static leads to becoming outdated. Explore the major shifts in digital maturity reshaping industries and the exciting opportunities for those ready to innovate. This report serves as a guide to navigate the challenging terrain of technology evolution, offering insights from the forefront of digital change. Join us to not just observe but drive the digital revolution, shaping the future of business with knowledge, strategy, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.  Let’s dive into the digital odyssey together and shape the business landscape of tomorrow, today.


The most comprehensive Digital Maturity Analysis

Digital Maturity Report outlines the current state of digital maturity in 2023, focusing on the challenges and opportunities within the global business environment. The analysis is based on 403 measurements from over 20 countries across more than 10 industries.

Figure 1: Digital Maturity Index (DMI) study results

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Closing the Gap: How Emerging Digital Leaders Are Redefining Success

Industries previously trailing in digital maturity, such as insurance, logistics, and services, are now outpacing traditional leaders in digital transformation. This shift, highlighted by the Compound Annual Maturity Rate (CAMR) from the Digital Maturity Index (DMI), marks a pivotal opportunity for these sectors to narrow the digital divide.

Figure 2: Analysis of CAMR data

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The Path to Ironman Status: Unleashing your digital potential

Through our innovative ‘Digital Vitality’ and ‘Digital Snowflake’ analyses, we equip you with the clarity to identify and prioritize your digital transformation initiatives. This chapter is your compass in the quest to unlock your digital potential, guiding your voyage towards becoming an indomitable ‘Ironman’ of the digital age.

Figure 3: Digital Vitality Map 2023 (403 measurements)

Figure 4: Digital Snowflake Analysis 2023 (403 measurements)

Is your organization on the path to becoming a Digital Ironman? Find out how to accelerate your journey.

Digital Horizon: Navigating the Gap Between Leaders and Laggards in Key Industries

On this chapter we offer a panoramic view of the digital maturity landscape, dissecting the gaps between leaders and laggards across ten key industries.

Figure 5: Digital Maturity Index Study Results: 10 Industries Score, Averages, Leaders and Laggards

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Embrace Digital! Embrace Transformation! Embrace Change!

There is an urgent call for organizations to embrace digital transformation comprehensively and act boldly to secure their future success. It is important to integrate digital technologies across all business operations, leveraging data analytics for insights and decision-making, enhancing customer experiences through digital innovation, learning from other industries, collaborating within the ecosystem, and continuously measuring progress.

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Leading the Charge in Shaping the Future of Business

Achieving digital maturity is crucial for organizations aiming to succeed in the dynamic business environment. This journey demands innovation, adaptability, and resilience, emphasizing the integration of digital technologies, data analytics, and improved customer experiences.

Our call to action is clear: Embrace digital change and act boldly. This report is more than insights—it’s a catalyst for transformation. Let’s lead the charge towards a future where digital excellence is our reality, shaping the digital era with our ambition and commitment.

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