Digitopia Launched Digital Maturity Report 2023: A Roadmap for Digital Excellence

LONDON, 08 March 2024 – Digitopia, announced the release of its annual Digital Maturity Report. Under the theme “Leapfrog! Right now. Right here!”, this year’s report offers an in-depth analysis based on 403 measurements from over 20 countries and across more than 10 industries, shedding light on the state of digital maturity worldwide. The report indicates a global Digital Maturity Index (DMI) score of 2.95, a modest rise from the previous year’s score of 2.89, highlighting the ongoing but slowing pace of digital advancement across sectors. 

This year’s insights emphasize the critical need for businesses to accelerate their digital capabilities focusing on customer experience and operational excellence. Despite the challenges posed by economic volatility, political uncertainty, and rapid technological changes, notably in generative AI, Digitopia’s comprehensive research uncovers a nuanced landscape of digital maturity that requires urgent attention and action.  

Peter Sondergaard, Chairman of Digitopia, states that: “As we scale the use of AI through internal processes, customer relationships, products, and supplier connections, the organization’s culture will be profoundly affected. This year, more than ever, is the time to double down on evolving talent, improving digital leadership skills, and substantially improving execution capabilities across the organization. Only 20% of organizations historically achieve their strategic goals; 2024 is the year to prove this data wrong. Digitopia is committed to partnering with organizations, providing a fact-based foundation and advice to navigate this transformation.” 

Digitopia’s 2023 Digital Maturity Report not only charts the current state of digital maturity but also offers actionable recommendations for businesses to leapfrog their competition. By embracing digital integration, leveraging data analytics, and enhancing customer experiences, organizations can position themselves for success in an increasingly digital world. 

For more information about the Digital Maturity Report 2023 or to download a copy, please visit; https://digitopia.co/impact-labs/reports/digital-maturity-2023/. 

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